Let us cut out your Images!

Our Extraction Service has been used for team sports, head-shots, cosplay, and even weddings.

The quality of the extraction along with the fast 24-48 Hour turnaround time makes it an easy choice for anyone looking to change the backgrounds of their photos. Simply upload your images and when they are completed you will get them back as an extracted image with a transparent background in your choice of .png or .tiff formats! 

Want to see samples of our work? Click this link to see samples of our Cosplay photography extractions. Images with white and black backgrounds have been extracted from their original backgrounds.

Individual Image - $2.00

Submit individual images with only one person to extract and pay only $2 per image! You will have your choice of formats to get your file back to you as well!

Group Images -$3.00

It doesn't matter if it's two people or 200 in the image we charge only $3 to extract your group image!

It doesn't matter what background the group is on either! You will also get multiple options for file formats. Group Image Extraction $3 Per Image Get Started!

High Detail Images -$4.00 From tennis rackets to nets we will extract every part of your image.

Do you have an image that has a subject that has a lot of detailed pieces to extract? we can handle that! From tennis rackets to nets we will extract your images!